Please note:

-Reports will be e-mailed within 48 hours of the inspection.
-All reports are forwarded electronically unless otherwise stipulated.
-The landlord/tenant will have 7 days to make any amendments these have to be approved by the clerk who complied the report.
-Payment is required within 7 days from receipt of invoice.
We are open to discuss any additional requirements.
-We require 24 hours notice to cancel or postpone a planned visit.Failure to do so will result in £25 cancellation charge.
-If the clerk is kept waiting for 30 minutes for any reason this will result in an abortive visit and will be invoiced accordingly.
-We reserve the right to add additional costs if
properties are excessively large or heavily
furnished. These additional costs will be
determined when the inventory clerk attends the
property to conduct the Inventory inspection.
-Any additional rooms: Dining rooms,conservatories,
cellars,gardens and balconies will be additionally
charged - £10 unfurnished/ £15 furnished per room.